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Intro to Book

Post by Zach S on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:55 am


The year is 2468 AD. The world just got over a nuclear war from 200 years ago, but is still barren for the most part. Water has become contanimated, food has become scarce, and plants grow in few numbers. Midwestern America looks like it reverted back 600 years to the 1800's. Bandits have grown in large numbers and formed gangs to try to take over area's for themselves. In this unexpected event, many locals have offered money for the criminals to be taken down. Then came the bounty hunters. Many came with hopes and dreams of getting rich, only to be brought down. However, 3 ex-military bounty hunters recruited some of the best in the Texas-New Mexico area. THat group became known as the Renegades.
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