Life after Death (Edited to make shorter)

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Life after Death (Edited to make shorter)

Post by Zach S on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:27 am

had to make it shorter for my creative writing class but this is the copy i turned in, Comments?

Life After Death
Chapter 1: Survival
I crouched low behind the counter with Faith. I heard the man grunting as he shuffled across the floor. He was one of the dead now. It bumped into the counter and I heard Faith gasp. She covered her mouth and the shuffling stopped. Faith stared at me with me with pleading eyes and I signaled to her it would be alright and to stay quiet. I pulled out my 9mm and twisted a silencer onto it.
As soon as I pulled the top of the pistol back all the way to load a bullet in the chamber it clicked. I jumped up as the zombie reached over the counter and grabbed my shirt. I pulled the trigger of the pistol, but then I realized I forgot the safety. I could feel it’s hot breath on my face and was gagging from the smell. Luckily, Faith grabbed a metal pipe and smashed it’s head in. Some blood got on my shirt but at least the zombie went down.
I leaped over the counter and noticed we were in a clothing store, lucky me, and I grabbed a shirt and changed into it. I turned to see faith puking her guts out. I chuckled to myself. “Is this your first zombie you’ve killed?” I asked.
“No,” Faith said, “It’s just the first zombie that looked almost completely human. Troy, this guy doesn’t even look like a zombie except his arm.”
“You can’t get soft with these things,” I said putting my 9mm between the low of my back and my pants. “No matter how they look, It’s you or them.” I turned to her and saw her look down. “Look, just think of the bright side,” I said and she gave me a look of confusion, “at least we got our small family rather than on our own. I mean it’s you, me, Willow, and John.”
“But what about our actual families,” She asked, “you said they may still be alive, right?”
“I’m not sure if they are or not,” I said solemnly, “but we have to believe they are or there’s no hope.”
She nodded and we both went out the door behind the counter. We were in an alley way with 2 zombies. I grabbed the metal pipe from Faith and got both of them before they could even scream. I walked down the alley to the man hole. Next to the manhole was a bag full of our stuff. I grabbed out two helmets with flashlights duct taped to the top. Faith put one on and I put the other on. I grabbed our bag and threw it down the hole. I went down first. As soon as I got down there I saw the metal bat I left and picked it up. Faith came down and we turned on the flashlights. The way east to our camp was clear.
“C’mon and don’t get to cozy,” I said, “could be zombies lurking down here.” I grabbed the bag of stuff and turned to her. She nodded and we started to run.
3 hours later…
We stepped out of the sewers and into the bright day. I looked and saw the sun going down. “Hurry Faith,” I said, “If we don’t get up to the safe house by nightfall, we’re screwed.” We started to jog forward. We were about 20 miles out of town and still had another 2 miles to go. It didn’t seem like much until the moon would come up and massive amounts of zombies came out. We ran for about a mile and a half when we could see the cave with our barricade.
“There it is!” Faith shouted “We’re home free!”
“No we aren’t.” I said as I pointed out the zombies coming from the forest headed to our cave. Some of them turned to us after faith shouted and started to run. We kept going but I reached into our bag and pulled out a SPAS shotgun and a Mac 11 submachine gun. I tossed her the Mac 11 and we started to spray. We killed as many as we could. I saw John open up the metal door.
“C’MON!” he shouted as he shot down some zombies with his M-4. I dived into the cave and looked as John shut the door, but I didn’t see Faith jump in. Was she still out there?
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