Putting pictures in your posts

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Putting pictures in your posts

Post by Moshda on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:06 pm

I have encountered some problems putting pictures in my posts and with the help of Hucota7 (he's so helpful!!!) we managed to figure out the solution lay with the host of the pictures.
Translation: the pictures will not show up in your posts if they are hosted on Photobucket.com

You cannot upload a picture into a post directly from your computer... it's kind of a pain, but the problem is easy enough to solve.
Go to Tinypic and make an account. Upload your picture and you will get a list of codes, copy the one used for forums and paste it into your message body where you would like it to show up. When you post your message it will appear.

*dusts off hands* well, now that problem's solved, I have a few others to work on... or rather, Huctoa7 does, lol!

Happy posting! <3


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