Jewels (Novel) Chapter 1

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Jewels (Novel) Chapter 1

Post by bgjings on Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:14 pm

Here is the 1st chapter to the novel I am writing. The intro is farther down in this forum. It is a flash back from the Introduction (so be sure to read that first).


Chapter 1 (Labradorite) – Christian
The party was crazy. People jumping all around spilling their sticky drinks everywhere. I was leaning against the wall over by the door out to porch and just taking it all in. I'm not much of a partier, so this “almost end of the school year” party was just a reason to get out. So I just stood there breathing in the steamy air and watching everyone jumping, and dancing as if they were in a mosh pit. “Hey man” my friend Jesse yelled over the noise “aren't you gonna join in?”

“No” I said “ I'm not much of a dancer”

“Your loss man” Jesse said indifferently “I'll see you later”

Then he disappeared into the crowd. All of a sudden I was hit with how hot it was in this place, and much I wanted to get out. I slid the porch door open and stepped out into the cool May night. It was so much quieter out here than inside. I breathed in the cool air and sighed. This was WAY better than any party Jesse dragged me too. I loved just being alone and not feeling pressured by the writhing bodies inside. My peaceful thoughts were broken by the soft swoosh and click of the porch door being opened and closed. I turned expecting to see Jesse coming out to try to get me back in. It wasn't Jesse though, it was a girl about 16. When she turned around she looked surprised to see me standing there. “I'm sorry” she said softly “ I didn't mean to interrupt you ... being alone?”

“It's okay” I said smiling at her to let her know that it really was okay“ as long as the whole party isn't out here”

She smiled. “ I take it your not much of a partier either?”

“Nope. It's too noisy and oppressive in there”

“Tell me about it! I don't know why my crazy friend Marissa dragged me here in the first place!” she said rolling her eyes and flipping her dark blond hair behind her shoulder.

“You got dragged here too?” I said feeling a little sympathetic

“Did I ever!” she scoffed

I laughed. “Well thank god for this deck!”

“I know!” She said “ I don't think I would have survived the night with out a quiet place to go”

“What time is it?” I asked

Her hazel eyes turned to the small numbers on her watch. “ Almost 1o:30” she whispered “ I will never let any of my friends drag me anywhere again! Especially if it means staying up till 11 o'clock at night!”

“Can't you just go home?” I asked

“No I don't have a car” she said regretfully “ I have to go home with my friend, and she's to busy making a fool of her self to go anywhere!”

“What's your name?” I asked realizing I didn't know it.

“ Jewel” she answered “What's yours?”

“Christian” I replied

She nodded while gazing vacantly of into the sea of stars above our heads. “Well, Christian” she said still gazing into space “ It was nice to meet you” she turned to me and smiled.

“It was a pleasure to meet you too” I said giving her a exaggerated bow.

She laughed. “And I'm sorry this night has to end” she said curtsying gracefully back to me “ but I must go find my incessantly annoying friend and make my way back to my castle”

“And I in turn, must find my incessantly annoying friend and return to my castle as well” I smiled.

“I may see you later, Christian” said swirling towards the door

“ I do hope so, Miss Jewel” I said staring back at her.

She gave me a small wave and flitted back into the house. I leaned back against the rail and stared up at the stars. I couldn't help but smiling. I felt so silly that I wanted to run around yelling at the sky above. I walked down the porch steps and laid down in the soft green grass. For awhile I just thought over our conversation, and how silly and amazingly awesome it had been. I half expected to look back up at the porch and see a shimmery slipper lingering there. As if she was Cinderella and her night had just come to a close, and the slipper was a reminder of sparkling conversation that had just ended.

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