Blue, copywrite Shelby M.

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Blue, copywrite Shelby M.

Post by Moshda on Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:24 pm

Thought I'd break the ice by posting something of my own creation. This is something I made up a loooong time ago, but I feel like this is still somewhat relevant to my life, so I just wanted to stick it up here.

By Shelby M.

Cupid has forgotten me
and I feel so blue.
There’s no longing for the gaze of another;
My heart just won’t race.

Romance is unknown to me,
like the feel of taming a lion.
Cupid has forgotten me…
Where is love’s prick now?

Cupid has forgotten me,
I really don’t know why,
But there’s no love in my soul
and I feel so blue.
It’s all because stupid Cupid ran out of arrows.

Cupid, oh Cupid, how could you forget?
I’m a lonely girl who’s waiting for love to strike.
I’m wasting away because I’ve got no love,
I’m just sitting here a-waiting
but Cupid has forgotten me.

My pulse won’t waver, my
won’t flutter for any boy--
Tell me where is the fun in that?
Oh, Cupid you’ve made me so blue!


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Blue, copywrite Shelby M.

Post by Delilah Roze on Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:16 am

That's so cool! Great job Moshda!
Delilah Roze
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